Saturday, 27 August 2016

Problem - You Got Yours. I Got Mine.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum peeps.

Sorry for the looooong hiatus. Anyway, I am few days from my final examination for my seventh semester. One more semester and I'm off for practical. It's been few years of living away from family, meeting new people and facing new problems. I am forever grateful for my current life. Basically I don't have problems. Apart from being fat and unattractive which I don't really consider as problems, I got nothing to worry about. Oh ya, except my financial issue. #studentsarenaturallypoor

As I have less thing to worry about, I like listening to other people's problems. Oh boy, some people just had it harder than the other. That was what I think, at first. Then I realise that Allah is the Most 'Adil. No one has it harder than others and no one is burdened with tests they can't bear. Everyone has got problem and you may think that you have the biggest problem. But heyyy, if you can bear it, if you are still living, YOU CAN FACE IT! Nothing is bigger than Allah and you have Him on your side. So yeah, move on fighters!

Listening to different stories somehow make me learn more things than I could in class.

  1. Some people just don't care if you are having problems, they just enjoy listening to your stories. But still, you got people to pour your problems into.
  2. Some people insist on you not understanding their feelings about the problem. Well of course no one understands. Just spilled out the problems. Friends are there to listen and suggest things. Even if you don't like it.
  3. Some people belittle other people's problems because they feel their problems are just wayyyyyy more important and bigger. This. Is. Not. Nice. Something you feel small might be biggest thing for someone, and vice versa. So, just listen.
  4. Some people just forgot to count their blessings. All they see are what they could not have, not what they already have. They only see the obstacles never the happiness. Sadly, I was part of these some people also few months back.

And I am 100% confident, if you are to be grateful for everything, you will be happy. There are so many things to be grateful of. Even having problems are to be grateful as well. It's like a platform for you to become a better person, to develop your mental and emotional and to teach yourself to become stronger. Just believe that there will be happier, brighter days after the storms have all gone. :)

Err I think I grew up too much this year. I start talking about serious matter and become a much more positive person than I was. Fuh I can't believe myself either. And I started to feel like my blog has become sort of long, platitudinous stories. Well, that's what you become if you have such not-so-thrilling-life like mine. :(

Anyway, that's all I have to ramble for now. Till I write again.

Be good, do good.