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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Grumpy Grunt

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Assalamualaikum people!
It's been so long since I have written anything for pleasure. Life is just so hectic at the moment and I have realised that all the stuff my lecturers said are nothing but truth. Cold, hard truth. 
"You are not a human if you do your postgrad study and you don't even cry once about it" - Prof Juliana.
I always thought that I am very good at calming myself down, working under stress and also balancing all the responsibilities in my life. These all were before I decided to continue Master anyway. I have been told by many people that I am living an easy life, I am never sad or stressed and how little of problems I have. These are all true. Were. Now that I am in my second semester (Thank you Allah for granting my prayers to pass the first semester!), I now know that I am a messy depressed lump of fat walking the earth. Life. Is. So. Hard. 
Next semester will be the long-awaited-moment (NOT) for me to complete the thesis. Freaking uni lied about coursework mode! Urghhh. So this semester, all the second semester students got to prepare the research proposal. My title and all the ROs and RQs were approved in the first presentation. Alhamdulillah. So I went ahead for Chapter 2 and currently working on my Chapter 3.
Now, last week I went to see my tutor and out of nowhere he said my title is not approved. Why. Are. You. Like. This. Dr. I was praised for coming out with a research idea that no one has ever looked into. After two months (and two drafts that I literally sweat my ass off to complete), my darling handsome gentle wise lecturer decided that it is not approved and not worth to be researched. This means that I have to think again about the objectives, the questions, the problems I want to address and all the related theories.
Seriously Dr?
Sooo, like it or not. I have to amend lot of things in my drafts. More like redoing it actually. And it is troublesome because I have other mini researches to be completed too. I have not analyse the data for other mini researches and not to mention study for three upcoming tests. And I have less than three weeks to have all these tied together. For the first time in my life, I am stressed out. I have constant headaches, my hair fall like it's freaking autumn up there, I got anxious for no reasons and I don't eat like how I used to which is bad because I want to lose weight and now I mostly eat whatever consume the least time which lead to me chomping on biscuits or sweet buns which are unhealthy, I know.
Now, with all the works I have, the stupidity in me decide to come out. 
*the stupid in me crawling out*
I downloaded three new games - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, Fight List and Fun Run 3. I am already occupied with Toy Blast and Home Design. I got addicted easily and very determined to score the best. Fight List especially, is my kind of games. I spent hours everyday on it, challenging any available opponents. I am so stupid. I should have known myself better and download all that games after this semester ends.
I really can't wait to end this semester but at the same time I am really afraid if I could not make it through. Whatever it is, life is a gamble and I already feel better by ranting about the hustle I am having now. And I always remind myself that lot of people have it harder. My friends who are doing engineering or medical study will be ten times more stressful than I am. All the best y'all!
Since I feel happier and more at ease now, I will go back to reading and writing for my research proposal and also my other mini researches. I gotta finish that shit up and reward myself with lot of good books later. Stay happy and healthy, everyone!
Thank you for reading!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Blogging 101: Simple Photo Editing

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Assalamualaikum people!
One of my customers, Kak Ita asked me how to design the photo I put on the sidebar of the blogs I designed. I promised her that I will do a step-by-step tutorial to decorate the sidebar. Okay, first of all, semua tahu ya apa itu sidebar? Sidebar tu column dekat tepi yang ada tulis profile kita, followers, archive and etc etc. Jadi dekat sidebar ni kita boleh letak loads of widgets untuk cantikkan blog. Those bloggers yang ada menjual dekat blog (like me hehehe) boleh lah letak widgets yang memudahkan customers untuk beli barang. So tutorial today will be covering simple photo editing untuk diletakkan di sidebar. 
Untuk buat photo editing, I always use my laptop sebabnya tak best guna phone haha. Nak edit gambar kena ada photo editing application. I suggest you all to use Photoscape. Sebabnya Photoscape ni simple and has everything we need to do simple editing. I use Adobe Photoshop as well (for headers) tapi I myself am not pro enough to do Photoshop tutorial haha. And then, kena ada gambar yang y'allnak letak. Contohnya nak buat gambar untuk sidebar tu pasal supplement. So boleh lah cari gambar botol supplement or logo or anything related. Then, you are good to go. Jadi ingat, ada dua perkara. Satu, Photoscape. Dua, gambor yang y'all nak tepek. Seterusnya, boleh lah bukak Photoscape ittew.
1. Bukak application Photoscape
Nampak yang dalam petak kuning ittew? Ya, temen temen. Click situ.
 2.Click Menu 
Cari petang kuning lagi yang ada tulis 'Menu'. Click 'Menu'. Petak kuning dalam gambor ni tau. Jangan buat terokk cari petak kuning dekat application Photoscape tu. Juling bijik mata pun belum tentu jumpa. 
 3. Choose New Photo
Kemudian, click 'New Photo'.
 4. Set Photo Size
Seterusnya, tentukan saiz gambor ye. Terpulang la pada y'all nak buat square ke, rectangle. Tapi jangan mimpilah nak buat octagon or hexagon. Nan hado. Lepas dah masukkan value for width and height and pilih colour, click 'OK'. Then, dia akan keluor la petak putih kosong (sebab I chose white colour heheh) bersaiz yang dikehendaki. Petak ni la canvas/kawasan kita untuk letak or design apa apa yang kita nak. Apa yang boleh diletak dalam canvas ni? Haaa, banyak. But for this simple steps, we'll be focusing on 4 tools.
 5. Basic Four
Silalah jegilkan mata masing masing. Tengok dalam petak kuning ittew. Focus pada yang dilabel nombor 1-4. Nombor 1, untuk kita add gambar pada canvas kosong tadi. Nombor 2, untuk kita add gambar yang dah disediakan oleh Photoscape. Nombor 3, balloon macam yang digunakan dalam gambor tu. Dan nombor 4, untuk kita add text. 
6. Add Items
So, I added the text first. Click on the image if you want to see clearer. Heheh. Yang bulatan dalam merah tu, boleh tarik tarik untuk besar or kecikkan tulisan. Sambil sambil design tu kan, boleh cuba the other features yang tak dimention. Baru cepat ingat and terbiasa nanti. Hehe
7. Add Photo
Click je dekat icon gambor tu and choose add photo. Lepas tu pilih lah mana mana photo yang y'all nak letak dalam gambor ni. Kalau takde gambor tu, download je.
 8. Arrange the Items
Lepas dah pilih apa yang y'all nak ada dalam gambar tu, susun la kan. This is one of the examples. Simple je. Letak je janji kemas and cantik di mata y'all. Kalau ada yang cakap tak cantik, bisik dekat dia 'Kau pun sama'. Lepas tu terus lari, okay? Kalau kena ligan dan kena taboh, bukan tanggungjawab iols. Ini cadangan sahaja. Then dah puas hati semua, save la gambar itu.
Dah siap pun gambar nya haa! Bangga tak dapat design gambar untuk sidebar sendiri? Ada tak rasa saiz lobang hidung bertambah mendadak? Kkkk guys, kalau dah siap mesti lah nak show off kan? Haha perangai musuh agama betul nak brag semua benda ni. Tapi dah siap cantik cantik tu nak la tampal dekat blog kan? Kalau tak buat apa berkecak ketiak buat cecantik lepas tu tak tampal? Unless memang design untuk wallpaper phone sendiri nak tatap 24 jam, Huhu. So senang je, kita log in Blog macam biasa.
9. Choose Layout
Dah log in blog memasing, click layout. 
10. Add Image Gadget
Dah bukak layout tu, click 'Add a Gadget' macam yang dilabel dalam petak kuning bernombor satu itu. Lepas tu akan keluar loads of options. Scroll sampai jumpa 'Image'. Click lah pilihan itu tanpa ragu ragu. 
 11. Edit Your Gadget
Dekat petak nombor satu, masukkan title untuk gambar tu. Nanti dekat sidebar kita, dia akan appear above the picture. Lepas tu dalam petak nombor dua tu, masukkan gambar yang kita berpenat lelah design tadi. Eheh. Kalau y'all nak direct orang lain ke post ataupun apa apa site lain, masukkan links yang berkaitan dalam petak atas petak kuning itu. Ada choice untuk link. So kalau kita letak link, bila readers tekan gambar tu, they all will be directed to the given link. Kalau tak, gambar tu statik je lah. Pasif tak berdaya apa.
12. Save it!
Dah settle, dah keluar gambor masterpiece y'all, click save. Lepas tu save arrangement. Nak tengok hasil sebenar benarnya, jangan gentar jangan bimbang, tengok je dekat sidebar blog ni. Ada contohnya. Gitu lah caranya nak letak gambar gambar dekat sidebar blog.
So, mudah sahaja kan? Dengan syarat nak kena ada photo editing application. Kalau nak fonts/tulisan cecantik, kenalah rajin rajin mencari and download. Nak download Photoscape, download SINI. Ikut je tep by step yang disuruh tanpa rasa syak wasangka dan was was. Gambar pun rajin rajin lah cari. Guna je Google Images. Nak guna gambar yang diambil sendiri pun boleh sahaja.
Sesiapa yang rasa susah nak design, takpe don't worry. Download je gambar dekat Google. Cumanya, possibility sama dengan gambar orang lain ada lah. Huhu. Nad kalau yang cecantik tu semestinya bertuan. Kalau tuannya tak izinkan, mati la nak. 
"Saya malas nak design and taknak sama dengan orang lain."
I like this kind of people. Hahah. Tak nak design and taknak Google? Itulah gunanya sayaaaa seketul Bazilah. Silalah contact saya di nombor 013-9007636 untuk request design. Harga kita discuss dalam WhatsApp miahaha.
Rasanya itu jelah untuk this post. Mana yang tak jelas, boleh tinggalkan soalan kat ruang komen. Fuhlamak, acah acah pro je siap suruh orang lain tinggal komen hahah. Sorry y'all. Lemme bath in this glory and fame for a mo'. Anyway, kalau nak cantikkan blog ni, memang kena rajin refer tutorial and explore all the function and features. Salah tu biasa lah. Kalau tak pernah salah, tak mencabar lah. Apa pun, good luck and all the best!
Thanks for reading!

p/s: Kak Ita yang gojes pencabar terdekat Irine Nadia, paham dak ni? Hahah post special for Kak Ita ni haaa. 


Monday, 29 January 2018

Blogging 101: Pages to Menu Bar

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum y'all.
Yeap. Still doing the basic tutorial but this one is special for my customers who asked me to design their blogs. Jadi mana mana yang tertanya tanya apa dia menu bar, apa dia pages tu, I'll explain it here. So, apa dia menu bar dan apa kaitannya dengan pages? Okay, I think I have stated it somewhere before. I learnt blog design myself by following the tutorials from Bicara Farah. She's simply marvelous! Antara yang Cik Farah ni ajar, buat menu bar. So menu bar yang diajar tu boleh di-decorate cecantik. Jadi takleh senang senang pakai gadget yang disediakan. Sebab dia tak boleh pakai gadget yang disediakan, menu bar ini akan dilink-kan dengan pages berkaitan ya.
My style if I design blog for people who have no or little experience is I will design the menu bar as well as create the pages linked to the menu bar. Jadi senanglah, tak payah my customers link kan pages diorang ke menu bar tu sendiri. Jadi perkara pertama yang kena faham, pages ni entry yang di link-kan ke menu bar tu. Okay seterusnya, boleh refer gambar.
1. Mana menu bar?
Screenshot: Courtesy of Anis Annuar's blog -
So you all, menu bar yang dalam petak kuning tu ya. Biasanya, yang di list kat menu bar tu benda penting penting lah. Apa function dio duduk dokek situ? Haa. Fungsinya supaya ekau ekau yang mombaco boleh terus click menu tu terus ke entry pasal apo yang ekau click haa. Jadi tak payah lah korang exercise jari jemari untuk scroll mencari benda benda penting begitu.
Jadinya, entry tu ditulis kat mana? My style, entry yang di link ke situ semua ditulis di pages. So, my darling customers hanya perlu update dekat pages yang namanya SAMA dengan choice dekat menu bar tu. Contohnya: Option Senarai Harga Shaklee, isi untuk option tu perlu ditulis di pages bertajuk Senarai Harga Shaklee. 
 2. Macam mana nak tulis entry untuk menu bar?
Macam biasa, log in ke account memasing. Click je dekat pages tu haa. Yang dekat sidebar belah kiri dalam petak kuning tu okayy? Nampak ya anak anak semua? Okay good.
 3. Tulis entry anda
Bila dah click Pages tu, akan terpampang lah semua semua isi iniiii. Makanya anak anak boleh la pilih isi yang mana anak anak nak update. Nanti isi yang diupdate tu akan keluar dekat option yang bernama sama di menu bar. Okay? Gittuhhh senang je. Tak perlu bimbang benda lain sebab I have already linked everything for your blog. Hiks.
I really hope I have explained it clearly. Basically my darlings, bukak je pages punya option tu, you will understand how to move around. Aicewah gitu. I am so happy that people are trusting me with their blogs which I myself can't do. As much as I adore the professional blog designers I will always return to my own ability and skills which are most of the times, crappy. Heheh
That's all for this post. Thanks for reading!
Have a good day!
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