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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Old People Cake

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Hi guys.
I have never told this to anyone but hey, 21 is my favourite number now. Ngiahaha. And today, on this 21st August 2019, I actually baked a cake. An edible one. Honestly, I like baking and cooking but those who know me would know that I barely pass in the chores. Say I bake 10 times. The amount the end products are actually edible might be around 2,3? Hahahah. That how sucks I am in baking and cooking. 
Anyway, today I baked old people cake because old people like it? Or maybe because it is derived from old, old recipe and time where people donno what Chocolate Indulgence or Red Velvet is? Whatever. My mom calls it Kek Marjerin because that's the main ingredient, I think. Some people call it Kek Minyak. I assume they substitute marjerin with minyak. Anyway, I got the seriously easy and simple recipe from here. Tapi, guwe kan lagi suka acah tau despite the fact guwe sucks in baking. So, instead of following the recipe step by step, I actually altered it a tiny bit.
So, basically, these are the ingredients and steps.
  1. 1 cawan gula halus (I is acah tau I used brown sugar (I regret it tho))
  2. 1 cawan marjerin pelangi (any marjerin would do)
  3. 1 cawan tepung gandum
  4. 1 sudu kecil baking powder (I add cream of tartar too because I saw the bottle lying in the baking basket lonely. So I dont want tartar to feel lonely. Lol honestly I dont know why I add it.)
  5. 3 eggs
  6. 1 sudu kecil esen vanila 
  1. Beat the sugar and margarine until it turns fluffy and white.
  2. Add the egg one by one. Continue to beat them violently after each egg is added.
  3. Add the esen vanilla.
  4. Sift in the flour and baking powder.
  5. Mixed them well.
  6. Separated them into three colour.
  7. Put the colour one scoop by one scoop. Selang seli okay?
  8. And then, bake it at 160' for 35 mins.
So you wanna see how my cake looks like? Ermmm okay. 
So you remember I said I used brown sugar instead of white sugar? Yeah guys, my cake is practically brown. Like, no use to add colour. And I also freaked out a bit when my eggs and margarine mixture started to curdle. And then, I remembered that my margarine was from the fridge but the eggs were not. But you don't have to freak out like me if it happens to you. Just add in the flour and follow the steps. The batter will be fine in the oven. Anyway, it tasted decent. My parents like it. I guess that will do. I'm not a fan of sweet food so I reduced the sugar to like 3/4 cup and I still find it a bit too sweet for my liking. But again, I am so used to bland food so my taste bud is actually pathetic. I pity the people who have to eat my cooking hahah. 
With the ingredients, you won't get a big cake but the size is just nice for 4-5 people. I always find cakes like this are best eaten when they are still warm. The edge of the cake is still crispy and crumble in your mouth. Yum!
That's all I have to say because 21 is now my favourite numberrrr. So I have to write something on my blog. Actually 21 is second favourite. First is 13. Okay, bye!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Attitude... It's Always Attitude

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Some cringy quotes but it's true.
Peeps. I was really furious few days back when I heard someone said stuff along the line of "Memang la dia jahat, dia buat .... (insert horrible stuff you'd hate people do unto you). Tapi dia cantik." Sis, sorry. I don't give one gram of care about how people looks. It's always attitude, always! If you do shit to me, you are shit. If you are nice to me, you are nice. Your face, your look, your body has nothing to do with your attitude.
I know that lot of people really love fair skin and pretty people. I got it. Some people rely heavily on visual. Their preferences depend on how things/people looks. But what I don't get is -- why you let all that facade, the things you are seeing, undermine the quality of that individual? So what if she/he got dark skin? What's wrong with not looking pretty like those in the magazine or on Instagram and Twitter? Why does everything always, always has to do with looks?

I was never one of the pretty girls. Back in school, I had several encounters where boys would use my name to joke around with other boys. Like telling their boy friend that I like him. It was like an insult  to the boy as I was not pretty (still am, lol). I was angry. I thought that boy was thinking too highly of himself that he took the joke seriously and looked down on me. I even made jokes about how he looks and how dare he thought that I would like him for how his face. Although I made that remarks because I was angry, I realised that I too for a moment became like them. I judged their look. And I don't want to be that kind of person anymore. I was 13 at that moment and I told myself repeatedly that looks don't matter. It was my attempt to console myself hahah but it changed me for the better. At least now I don't really care how people look. XD

I feel like it was such a waste of talent, ability and skills when people started to judge other people on their appearances. Hey, I know that appearance is important but to me, as long as you dress neatly and accordingly, you are pretty and handsome. And I always find that the kinder the people, the more beautiful or handsome they appear. But, I really don't get it. I know few people who say things like "Tak lawa, tapi dia baik lah" or "Boleh tahan, sayangnya gelap." And the same people would say, "Takpelah dia cerah" or ''Hei perangai teruk, nasib baik lawa." EXCUSE ME PEOPLE? Why the judgement always have to include appearance or looks? Why can't you see beyond that? Why can't we appreciate the sincere smiles, the way they talk, the jokes and they aura they radiate? Or better, their talents, their skills, their abilities. And oh, if their attitude sucks, they sucks. No pretty or handsome face can save that. Periodt.

Literally me when people use appearance to judge people.
I have lot of friends whose look might not be up for the social standard of beauty but well, they look pretty and lovely everyday, effortlessly. Looking at such people, I believe that when you are happy, you are kind, you made people around you feel at ease with you, you will definitely look prettier and glowing-er than ever. So, be happy, be kind people. You don't have to ridicule yourself for not looking like those pretty girls or handsome guys on social media. Be you. You by far, is the nicest version of yourself. Though I know that the world won't work the way I hope, I will forever believe in good attitude makes you look better.

Andddd, we are going to hit 2020 very soon and I really hope this culture of degrading or looking down on people because of their looks would extinct sooner than that. But if you ever read about Halo Effects, you might understand why this culture would be hard to be eliminated. Sad, innit? Truth is, the world will never stop judging you by how you look.  But just try your best to never think about how people look and see beyond that. :) Because believe me, when you stop judging people by how they look, you won't give a damn when people comment on how you look and random people commenting on strangers' looks won't matter anymore. You won't be affected.

Anyway, thank for reading! And remember, beautiful heart makes you beautiful.


Friday, 14 June 2019

Tinggal Pergi

Menjadi yang ditinggalkan akan sentiasa menyakitkan.
Saban malam, memikirkan segala susuk kekurangan.
Setiap detik, merenung apa yang sebenarnya boleh dilakukan.
Setiap saat, mengintai kalau-kalau ada yang boleh dibetulkan.

Kata sudah dilafaz.
Janji sudah dimungkiri.
Manis sudah berganti benci.
Yang jadi, sudah jadi.

Yang pergi meninggalkan jarang sekali kembali pulang.
Apa yang menyakitkan sukar benar mendatangkan kegembiraan.
Perlahan-lahan, lepaskan.
Dikenang boleh, digantung harap jangan.
Semoga satu saat, akan tiba kekuatan untuk benar-benar melupakan.

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