Sunday, 13 August 2017

My First Driving Lesson

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Salam and hi people!

I'm 22 years old and I never feel like having a driving license is really important. I know that it is actually important but I just feel like I can live without it. Studying in Kelana Jaya, I can reach lot of places by buses and LRT. And ever since Uber and Grab exist, life is so much easier. So, I never feel like I need a driving license.
But then, life changed. I finished degree and came home for a good few months before I start planning my career path. I went to two interviews and both of them asking me about me having driving license or not. Mannnn, is it a must now? Family members started to pressure me abut that. So stressful lah. I no longer can use the excuse of commuting by bus or LRT because they do not exist in Terengganu. 
Well the buses do exist but they don't cover much area. Every time I'm going out my super kind hearted friends will pick me up and send me home. I am so blessed to have my friends. I love y'all.
Long short, I decided to start my driving lesson. First time driving, IT WAS TERRIBLE. I stopped at the middle of two way road. Half of the car was in my lane while the other half was in the opposite lane. People around assured me that I will be fine and I will enjoy driving. Well, I. DID. NOT.
My first time driving, I was so nervous that I had my mental blocked. I could not listen to any of the instructions from the instructor and the engine kept turning off. Four times, I think. I am an embarrassment!!! That time, I felt like I was really stupid and a failure. LOL. Still think that way actually. To add salt to the injury, my legs are short they could not reach the clutch pedal properly. URGHHH.
Anyway, I had another driving lesson tomorrow. Writing this entry just to vent off my frustration towards driving. Hhahah. I think am not destined for driving. But still, I will just work hard to get my driving license and maybe will never ever drive. LOL. Pray for me y'all. Pakcik Teksi, Uber, Grab and buses, I never appreciate y'all enough. I will always use more public transport after this. I promise. *sobs*
Y'ALL ARE HEROS! *and driving still suck* 
Thanks for reading my rant about nonsense thing like this. Hahahah. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Good Ol' Games

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Salam and Hi, people!
Last night, I had a fun conversation with my second sister and her husband. We talked about the good old times when our family had our first PC. It was Acer desktop with blue colour CPU and big translucent on/off button. My mom set up a password on that desktop so only she had the access to the fun, exciting games. Three of us - kak ngoh, cik mat and me had an hour each to play everyday. Looking back, I am glad kakak was in boarding school and rarely home or else we will fight worse than we were to play game on the computer.
The computer was in the family from 2002 until 2012 (I think) and undergone many operations because we were so rough with it and we did not have any basic understanding about technology. Haha you can say we were a bunch of newbies back then. Anyway, I was in boarding school since 2008. Every semester break, I was so excited to play and score the best only to get disappointed. You want to know why? Well, my dear mother and father basically spent their free time battling each other in the games while their cute, lovely kinds went to school. THEY. SCORE. SOME. HIGH. FREAKING. SCORES. WHICH. NONE. OF. OUR. SIBLINGS. CAN. TOP. OFF.
Urghh. It was so annoying to give your best only to know that it's not even eligible to be in the Top 10! Anyway, do you guys remember your favourite video games back the? I do! Even though I am not a good player, I enjoy playing them. Lemme share with y'all and tell me if we had any common fav games!

1. Chocolatier 2 - Secret Ingredients
This game took my social life away. I went out playing the bicycle lesser than ever, didn't play in the river as much and skipped watching my favourie cartoons just to play with it. It was so so so FUN! The player had to go around the world, collecting the best ingredient for the chocolate. And then, we had to design the billboard, the chocolate wrapper and manage the inventory. Oh, when we found the unique ingredients, we have to haggle for the best price as well! I learnt the word haggle from this game hehehe.

2. Iggle Pop!
Anyone remember this?? OMG they were so cuteeee! We can choose the hero and then proceed to save those colourful cute furball. The smoke like things were the villains. They will break the chain of the iggles we save. The iggles will be in chain behind us before we deliver them home according to the colour. Anddddd, the more iggle in the same colour (sequence) the more marks for combo you get! Weeeehuuuu. Oh, we can eat the FREEZE things and put the villains frozen for a while. I like this game so much because it's so cute heheh. The sound effects were also cute hehehe some more.

3. Bomberman
I have to admit that I don't know much about this game but I still remember the thrilling experience of it. It's a really simple game but I had so much fun with it.

4. Tumblebugs
Ahhhh these colourful sphere bugs. This was one of the games with my mom's name as the high scorer. It was nerve wrecking when you got all the wrong colours yet the bugs were all closed to the hole. This game also has nice sound effects. I like the colours and the levels. Sometimes, when the name register was full (not only for this game), our siblings play dirty. We either delete others' name or we rename the name with high level. Hehehe.

5. Feeding Frenzy 
Feeding Frenzy *sound effect* Need any explanation about this game? I dont think so. It was fun playing this game but the excitement can never beat the one felt while playing Chocolatier Secret Ingredients.

6. Pizza Frenzy
This one let me created my own pizza as well. I discovered my Italian side in this game. Haha. Remember what happens when you took order from a thief? The police sirens? Ahhhhhh good game, people. Goooood game.

7. Diner Dash
It's your girl, Flo! Damnnnnn this game so nice I struggled placing those angry customers because like I have said, I was not a good player. I was not fast enough to excel in this kind of game. My sister, kakngoh was the ace. She scored every level, mannn.
There were also few games with the word Dash if I am not mistaken. I remember the Wedding Dash. Uuuu that one was so fun. Choosing all the food and place weeee. So nice. But also, nerve wrecking because it was chaotic.

8. Plantasia 
Weird plants, everyone. Weird plants. My sister confessed to me last night how much she hated the soil with stones and weeds because we had to dig the stones/weeds out, prepare the soil and after that only plant the weird plants. If we were out of energy or spells, then the stones or weeds came back. According to her, it was tiring hahaha. I dont really remember what's the point of planting these weirdos but some of them were pretty so okay, I'll play with y'all.

9. Chuzzle Deluxe
It's the popping colourful furball, people! When you matched certain amounts of these colourful balls, they will expand and POP! The sound effects were funny and I love them because they were cute and their eyes moved around when you slides them hehe.

10. Insaniquarium 
Well, according to this game, I was one successful aquarium keeper. My fish even breed diamonds. Beat that, Aquaria staff! But in all seriousness, this game got me hook up as well. I like it so much because they were err cute hehe and they also breed unusual things or have amazing power.  

11. Fish Tycoon
Y'all not only I bred fish super successfully, I was freaking rich coz I was a fish tycoon! Fuhh, tried so hard to breed unique or special fish. I even wrote a note about what type of fish with what type of fish will produce what type of fish. If I am this hardworking during my SPM year, I will be huge mannn. But then, there was big KPop wave and I was drown in it and the rest was history. *sobs in corner*

12. Cake Mania
This one taught me how to bribe people with food. So y'all, I learnt that when people got angry, calm them down with free cupcakes! I remember that I can upgrade everything in my cake shop. Even the tray to put the cake also can be upgraded into two tier. Mind-blowing lol. Until today, I havent change my mind. Christmas shaped cake with the purple icing is the ugliest. 

13. Family Feud
I love this game because I feel smart playing it. Hahaha. No actually, some of the questions were really nonsense, not to mention the answers. But I had a grand time answering and guessing what will be the top answers and then laugh myself silly when the top answer is revealed.

14. Jojo Fashion Show
This game is most popular among the girls. Well, of course it should be popular. It let us dress the models with beautiful, sexy and stylish clothing up to our taste. Hehehe I was never good in fashion so I didnt play this very well. 

15. Inspector Gadget
This one was as fun! Jumping around, grabbing food and fighting off enemies. I dont really remember what else in this game but I know I enjoy it very much back then.

Well, these games are among what I played when I was younger. There were lot more I didnt list - Burger Story, Zumba, Alice Greenfingers etc etc. What a goooooooood time. Now I am older I also feel a bit sad to realise that back then we had Game Boy Simulator with loads of amazing games. There were more than 150++ games but as newbies back then, we didnt appreciate it enough. Now I spend time phone playing Ramboat and Design Home on tiny screen. *sobs*
Feel free to comment and add on for any games I missed! Or simply just tell me if there is any common favourite game we share!
Thanks for reading.