Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Dearest Tiqah and Jihadi

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Hi people!
I attended another wedding last week. And it was in Alor Setar, Kedah! My university friends and I never had the chance to travel together (actually we didn't have any money to go anywhere) so we were very excited! I managed the bus tickets and also the wedding gift! We bought Tiqah an oven so she can bake fancy things for her husband (or bake her husband if they ever fight *GOD FORBID. NO!*) 
There were 8 of us and we decided to meet at TBS. Our bus to Alor Setar was at 11.30 pm, Thursday and I chose quite a well-known bus company so we all will be comfortable only to be disappointed that the bus for us was actually pretty old and worn out. Anyway, no choice. Still got to ride the bus or else, we have to walk to Alor Setar. So we boarded the bus and due to few matters, we arrived in Alor Setar around 7.30 am the next day. It was raining and cold and some of us brought really large bags like they will be staying together with Tiqah after the wedding's done (REALLY PEOPLE???).
Despite the gloomy morning, we were all pretty cheerful and I met new friends who were as crazy as my old ones. (GOD, GRANT ME SANE AND NORMAL FRIENDS PLEASE. AAMIIN) Tiqah had arranged transportation for us all so we all just had to get into the car and in few minutes, we arrived at the homestay. Finally, a bed. We could not sleep with stomach so hungry. Bibs, Kak Sya and myself went out to buy breakfast and mannnnnn, nasi lemak is still RM1 in Kedah!
Stomach filled and we took turn ironing our outfits for Tiqah's akad nikah. I couldn't believe my crazy funny and kindhearted roommate was getting married at that time and well, I really have nothing to say except congrats and please be happy both of you. So, few pictures from Tiqah's akad nikah.
You were gorgeous, Tiq! Hahahahahaha
 You really were. *teary eyes* Tiqah was gorgeous. I hope she farts less after this haha
 This girl so gatal. She definitely belongs to golongan wajib kahwin. Lucky, got married early. Alhamdulillah.
I hope both of you will always be crazy for each other, deeply in love, forever and ever.
 Winnie's playing hide and seek and Tracy was stealing Rosmah's look. Haha way to go girls!
 Tiqah was not the only happy person. This one also in love, everyone. Sorry Bibs, I have to.
p/s: I heard her favourite phrase now is; Bye, baby. Heheh
Not the best picture but at least we had everyone in this picture including Tiqah's schoolmates. Tracy was so busy arranging her shawl hahaha she still look dashing like Rosmah tho. Weehuuu!
End of Friday. The reception ceremony was on Saturday and it was held at the hall in front of the homestay. Fuhh if ot's not for Tiqah, I would have been going by wearing my seluar pelikat and tudung sarung since it's so near. But, it's for our dear Tiqah so we put on our most maroon outfits except for Bibi that little kid. She chose to wear yellow! What a rebel you were Bibi. 
All the pretty dara inu(s) and mek kelate and there I was, a tapioca. Pfft. -.-
Trying to recreate a poto we took during our foundation days. If only I grew taller. I could have been the one standing at the back. hmmph! Look at Tiqah everyone. She's practically glowing with all the happiness. :')
A group photo with the bride and the groom. Yeay!
With Kak Siti and Tracy. Tracy reminds me a lot about Loles while Kak Siti remind me of Kwang Soo (betrayal, lies etc etc LOL)
These two girls went around spreading weird cursing like TEKIK MANOK and so what not. 
Kak Siti bought new iPhone 7 Plus so of course. Her phone became everyone's phone that day kehkeh. Everyone smiled sincerely but Bibs that little rebel sh*t looked all smug and smirk wow wow. Hot hot hot.
Anyway, for Tiqah and Jihadi, I hope both of you will love each other (madly, deeply, crazily) for now and always. Both of you complemented each other very well. It's like watching two matching pieces of puzzle. Jihadi, you are truly lucky and blessed to have Tiqah in your life. Know that - despite her noisy sleep, her stupid and lame jokes, her brutal way of talking, her random farts, her loud laughs and all her ugly habits, she is lovely and she will love you endlessly and unconditionally. 
And Tiqah, you have met the greatest guy. All your dreams we once talked about, I pray nothing but for them to become true. You are halfway there and I know you will be more than happy with him. You will make a good wife, just like you make a good friend to all of us. And sooner, you will make a good mother too. *sobs sobs*
I still can't believe that my roommate has got married. It was only yesterday we tried pulling each other's towel after showers. T___T. I could have hugged her because I am soooo happy for her but please, no body contact hahah. Anyway, it was really an honour to be invited as part of their big day. We did not do much for the wedding but their hospitality was really warm and lovely. Thank you so so much and I pray that this marriage and all the happiness that come with it will last until jannah. Aamiin.
Oh, thank you to Kak Keyna, Kak Sya, Bibs, KAK TRACY, Winnie, Mielalala, Kak Siti and Kak Elly. It was a fun trip! If only we knew each other earlier, I would already be in Hospital Gila. LOL. See y'all on Convocation Day!
Thanks for reading!