Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How to Create Signature in PDF

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

People, this was me when I read the invoice for my graduation and convocation fees. And I got more shocked when I knew that my scholarship may or may not be paying these fees. WHATTTT? *internal scream* No, actually I really screamed. Now I have to whack my poor brain thinking all possible solutions how to pay all these fees if my scholarship chooses not to pay for them.

So, I emailed the company idk what are they but I know that they manage us, all the scholars under Yayasan Peneraju. They asked me to write a letter, a formal request letter for Peneraju, duly signed. What is duly signed? At that time idk either. So my mentor said that I have to prepare a letter in PDF format and make sure my signature is hand-written.

I am not the brightest child in whole wide world, y'all. So I was thinking of typing the letter in Words, print it out, sign it and scan it into PDF. Then, I will email it to Peneraju. Hah! I am so outdated and stupid. Guys, actually there are super easy ways to sign in your PDF letters. Come let Teacher Ba teaches you how to. hiks.

1. Write your normal letter in Words with space for signature.
Like dis okay y'all? Make sure the space can fit your signature nicely. 

2. Save your letter in PDF.

4 years in university and I only learn this during my final year. Well like I said, I'm not the brightest kid, people. Not even in the class.

3. Open letter in PDF format.
 Click on the 'fill and sign' option in the right bar,

 4. Click on sign bar, then choose add signature.
Almost there guys. 

5. Click on image.
 So you can choose how would you like to sign your signature. I choose image. Easy guys. You just have to take a picture of your signature. Select that picture or image and it will look like...

6. THIS!
 See? It will look like this. Now you click apply. 


7. Place it!
Place there and just save! Easy right??!

After I have done with the letter, I beamed at myself you know? It felt surreal hahaha. I thought it was a very difficult task until I found this accidentally. You know what I looked like when I was done with the letter? I luk laik dis gais.

But then I suddenly realised that there was no guarantee of my scholarship paying for my convocation and graduation fees. So I went back to my old face. 

Pray for me guys!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Wedding and Mini Reunion

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

I have officially entered the stage of attending-your-friends'-weddings in life. I'm 22 years old and I have attended two weddings. Both are my friends from school. It hits me like BAMMM! I'm an adult. My friends are getting married and here I am, rummaging my drawer looking for my old Doraemon comics. I need to grow up, people. Well, maybe later. My friend, Nik Fatihah get married last Friday and this upcoming Friday, another friend will get hitched.

Anyway, wedding brings people closer. I have awesome schoolmates (well after school, we kinda feel okay with each other even though we all got cliques and dislike one another back then hahahha). So we planned to go to Nik's wedding together. God knows how excited I am. And then I thought of putting make up HAHAHAHAHA who am I kidding? I. AM. DELUSIONAL. But I tried wearing mascara and successfully smudged it by rubbing my eyes because it was itchy. (-_-'')Smudge or no, I met my friends!! Yehuuuuu.

It is my pleasure to serve my readers' eyes with plenty of pretty ugly pictures of us. Hehehe

Almost all of us. Nik looked so lovely, sweet, charming ____________, ______________ (insert suitable words to describe a bride). The pelamin was simple but I like the colour and the decoration idk what they call the bulu bulu renda carpet kerusi and all that lah.

Ops didnt notice Tasyi was not ready yet (far right). Or maybe I noticed but still put this picture. Idk. I hate my friends. I wore platform shoes and I was still the shortest. UNFAIR. Not to mention I consumed most of the space. (Longer spelling for FAT hahaha)

And then we left Nik. Well, she got herself a husband isnt she? We got ourselves, camera and nice lighting. So bye Nik. Hello amateur and havoc photo shoot. Hiks.

Wow I must be a wood descendant. Look at my pose. So kayu euwww. I didnt know that Mirah was a photo shoot expert. The way she threw one shoulder and bent one leg fuhhh she thinks she Rozita Che Wan is it? Che B was looking very polite awhhhh if there are any guys looking at her, they would be attracted immediately hahah. Piqah was caught mid-pose. I think she's trying to do the 'peace pose' while talking kahkah.

Break up. 
Left: Black and blue team. Vet good teamwork. The slimmer one cooperated very well in hiding bigger friend hahaha. 
Right: Inconsistent team. Teamwork is bad. No one knows the team colour. Bad team. Some of them didnt want to be in the team at all. Like Ecah. Hahahah.

What kind of lame pose and amateur selfie is this? Well, I smiled my usual retard smile, Mirah was promoting Colgate, Darlie and Sensodyne all at once, Piqah tried to look goddess and other was doing okay. I guess. If I am to take selfie after this, I will look at this picture and shake myself out of the disillusionment. I am a descendant of wood. What can I do in a picture?????  

Okay this one was okay. Except for Mirah. She was fired from being the toothpastes ambassador and replaced with Wawa. Hence the 'kerituk-keritak' face. Cik B.... Hmmmm how do I begin with Cik B. Well, she was Cik b in this photo. Only half face shown what?

This one... hmmmm. maybe we tried to mimic the trees behind us. Nah, the sun shone too brightly we couldn't open our eyes properly. Anyway, I think Mirah was sleeping for real. The burden on her left shoulder (me) was too heavy.

There were lot of pictures. Everyone shared pictures from their phone and fuhhh I had hard time to choose which picture to share on instagram. Obvs not because every picture was breath taking. It was more like every picture looked heart breaking. Aiyya. There will be at least one friend, ternganga lah, tudung senget lah, eyes closed lah, busy talking lah (that's me), trying to walk out of the frame lah (that's Jiera and she probably thought of portraits at Hogwarts when she's walking out of the frame). Long short, ada je yang cacat dalam gambar. Aiyya.

So most of us shared the picture from the official photographer. Demmm nice lighting, everyone looked like Dato' Vida. Flawless I tell you. All in all, we had a very nice catch up session. We gossiped, shared stories, made silly jokes, laugh at our own jokes coz we are independent ladies, tried to annoy each other and of course, took a lot of pictures. Sometimes I think if we are still using the old Kodak camera...Hah! Die la us have to fast to save money to cuci the gambar we took.

Whoop! I think I have written long enough about this mini reunion and of course, Nik's wedding. Hahaha. I really really can't wait for another wedding. It means meeting old friends and having real good laugh enough to last for the whole day! Cherish your friends and the moments you share together! It will be the things you treasure the most in the old age. 

Thanks for reading. :)

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Current Life

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Hi everyone!

It's been almost two months since I finished my internship. So, I have been to one job interview, and it was really really lovely. I wanted to work there so bad. It was an assistant teacher position and the payment was not a lot, it's only 1k (after probation), BUT considering it's a job offer for SPM leavers I think it's good money. The school environment was so so so lovely and they had exciting activities and plans with the students. The only downside is the working hour; 6.50 am - 6 pm. Phewww.

I don't actually mind the working hours because honestly, I think it is very important for me to gain experience in education field. But the, I have no driving license yet and I am going to rely on my father. Soooo, I don't really like the idea of me asking him to send me to work around 6.30 am when he only goes to sleep around 12 in the midnight. Sad it was but I had to email them my decision not to accept the offer. T___T

Anyway, I decided to learn how to drive. I went to the 6 hours ceramah memandu yesterday. The second half teacher was so funny, I literally cried while I laughed. I will sit for the computer test tomorrow and mannn I am so nervous. I haven't study for test for so longggg. I only read novels, magazines and blogs. Hmppph. Let's hope I will do well tomorrow.

My blog is looking so boring and empty now. I was busy doing other people's blogs. I think I did around 4 blogs already and I enjoyed the process. I cant say I designed the blog because design is like something talented and I am nothing near talented except if you count turning catchy songs into monotonous poem, then I have a talent. I want to give new minimalist look to my dear bog but I dont have any ideas, yet. So, back to the basic template it is.

I think that's what I have to ramble now. It's a cloudy day here and I feel like sleeping hehe.
Thanks for reading!