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Sunday, 13 August 2017

My First Driving Lesson

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Salam and hi people!

I'm 22 years old and I never feel like having a driving license is really important. I know that it is actually important but I just feel like I can live without it. Studying in Kelana Jaya, I can reach lot of places by buses and LRT. And ever since Uber and Grab exist, life is so much easier. So, I never feel like I need a driving license.
But then, life changed. I finished degree and came home for a good few months before I start planning my career path. I went to two interviews and both of them asking me about me having driving license or not. Mannnn, is it a must now? Family members started to pressure me abut that. So stressful lah. I no longer can use the excuse of commuting by bus or LRT because they do not exist in Terengganu. 
Well the buses do exist but they don't cover much area. Every time I'm going out my super kind hearted friends will pick me up and send me home. I am so blessed to have my friends. I love y'all.
Long short, I decided to start my driving lesson. First time driving, IT WAS TERRIBLE. I stopped at the middle of two way road. Half of the car was in my lane while the other half was in the opposite lane. People around assured me that I will be fine and I will enjoy driving. Well, I. DID. NOT.
My first time driving, I was so nervous that I had my mental blocked. I could not listen to any of the instructions from the instructor and the engine kept turning off. Four times, I think. I am an embarrassment!!! That time, I felt like I was really stupid and a failure. LOL. Still think that way actually. To add salt to the injury, my legs are short they could not reach the clutch pedal properly. URGHHH.
Anyway, I had another driving lesson tomorrow. Writing this entry just to vent off my frustration towards driving. Hhahah. I think am not destined for driving. But still, I will just work hard to get my driving license and maybe will never ever drive. LOL. Pray for me y'all. Pakcik Teksi, Uber, Grab and buses, I never appreciate y'all enough. I will always use more public transport after this. I promise. *sobs*
Y'ALL ARE HEROS! *and driving still suck* 
Thanks for reading my rant about nonsense thing like this. Hahahah. 

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