Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Hideous Apple Pieuff

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum people.

I noticed that I talk a lot about food during Ramadhan. That explained why my plan of losing weight never go right. Anyway, I made APPLE PUFF from scratch using Apple Pie recipe. It's like a puff that taste like a pie. Does that make sense to you guys? -,-''. You can refer to the recipe HERE

You see, my mother is a big fan of food made up from flour. Cakes, doughnuts, churros, pies, she likes them all. My cousin dropped a plastic bag filled with apples and no one pay attention to the fruits for days. Few days back, my mother asked me whether I happen to know how to bake an apple pie. Being a good daughter I am *cough cough I search for the recipe immediately. #myparentsaresolucky.

I have everything an excellent apple pie needs except a pie tray, case loyang or whatever you call it. I couldn't find the bowl that can go into the oven so I decided to make a puff instead. This is my first time making pie and I already being derhaka to the recipe. No wonder it turns out so ugly. I was always nervous when I cook. Not that it turns out good, I am nervous because I always mess up things. Hahaha

Looooooong short story, here is my hideous Apple Pieuff. 

I followed everything the recipe asked except the oven temperature. I lowed it a bit since the puff is thinner and smaller than a whole pie. The best part was when I googled for another recipe and I found Mat Gebu's Apple Pastry Puff. Even Mat Gebu just used store-bought pastry for that particular recipe! Why did I prepare the dough like crazy for such hideous puff?????????????? Rolling them out some more!!!!!!! *sobbing uncontrollably.  

Anyhow, the taste was umphhhhh 5 stars, scrumptious, sweet, soft, crumbly, flaky, tasty ........ Who's going to praise the food I made if not me? Muahahah. But seriously, you can't go wrong with Azlita's recipes. She's very good and her recipes are always meticulously told in her blog. Go check them out! And do forget to obey everything. Don't be like me. T___T

Thanks for reading everyone!
Have a blissful Ramadhan!
Be good, do good.

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