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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cooking in Rice Cooker

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum peoplahhhhh.

How is everybody doingggggg? I hope you are all doing fine. If not today, maybe some time soon. Did you guys cook and how do you guys cook? I'm living in a hostel so I want to share my cooking experience. Nothing interesting. Well, if you enjoy the food pictures then maybe it can be interesting.

I am not a good cook but I sure can cook to save my stomach. Living away from family in a dormitory style where no kitchen appliances (except rice cooker and electric kettle) is allowed, I have learnt to use rice cooker in all occasions. Wah gittu. Kat rumah pakai rice cooker buat tanak nasi je uols.

 But yeah, although using rice cooker is easier since you don't need to wash lot of things and it actually saves more money rather than cooking on gas stove, your food won't have the exact same result if you cook on proper stove. Anyhow, food is food. You gotta eat it. :'). There are certain food taste alright and as excellent when cooked in rice cooker and certain are not.

So, what is best to cook in rice cooker and what is not? 


1. Food that requires water as main ingredient. Al those sups, karis, tomyam (more like tomyummmm) and gulais for instance. And also bubur. Bubur nasi, bubur kacang, bubur lambuk wah curlass sangat kau duduk hostel buat bubur lambuk. And of course, to cook nasi. Takkan masa lauknya dalam rice cooker, nasinya nak masak dalam cerek ye dak?

2. Use your rice cooker to boil things. Eggs, potatoes, veggies in case you like eating boiled veggies hahah oh and your friends too. Yang mana kawan suka buat lawak kering hambar tak berperisa tu basahkan mereka dengan merebusnya hoooyeahhh.

3. Simple tumis tumis food. Food that requires little frying are actually come out good using rice cooker. You can cook black pepper chicken very easily in a rice cooker. 


1. Fried dishes. They just can't be crispy enough for my liking. Eheh. My ayam goreng won't have crispy skins because the rice cooker will turn to 'keep warm' mode when the plate is hot enough. And oh, I made doughnuts once. They all became soggy since the oil was not hot enough for them.

2. Just fried dishes.

3. Fried dishes you bastard you monkey why you wont turn out like I want?

4. Fried. Dishes.

But of course you might have different results from me. Maybe I just don't have enough talents to cook. *sobs. And just for reasons, I would like to share simple recipes I have cooked in my dear rice cooker. :*


1. Potato and egg salad. 

If you want the potato taste to stand out more, use more potatoes and less eggs. or vice versa. Wash them all and boil them together until the potatoes soften. You can peel the potatoes skin first. I always boil potatoes in their skin because I can peel them off easily after they are boiled.

Put them in the same bowl, mash them with fork. Add mayonnaise, pinch of salt and black pepper. Mix them well together. If you don't like your potatoes to be mushy, just cut them into dices and mix them well with other ingredients. I like eggs so I always use 2 eggs with one medium size potato heheh. They are so easy to prepare! And cheap heheh.

2. Sup ayam.

This one is my favourite too. Who doesn't like chicken????? You only need chicken, sup bunjut, potatoes (again), salt, onion and garlic. And WATER.  All you need to do is heat up some oil, throw bawang yang dah dihiris and sup bunjut, let them garing sikit and naik bau. Then pour water. Let them boil.

Once the water is boiled, you put in potatoes and chicken. I always add some diced carrots to give my soup some colours. Kahkah. Masak dalam rice cooker pon mestilah nak acah acah chef sikit khenn. Add salt to your taste and once the potato is soft enough, your chicken soup is readyyyyy to be eaten yeahhh.

3. Ayam black pepper

You will need chicken, black pepper sauce (in case you dont want to make from scratch), kulit kayu manis, bawang putih and bawang besau, halia, maybe half cup of water, soy sauce and salt. So what you have to do is to tumis bawang, halia and kulit kayu manis until naik bau. You can add the chicken first so it cook better. Remember to cut the chicken into smaller pieces because rice cooker is not as hot as cooking on stove.

Pour in black pepper sauce. Kacau sikit bagi rata. Then add water. Kacau lagi. Add some soy sauce, Kacau lagi. Lastly, add salt. Taste and adjust to your liking. Be happy to add air asam jawa sikit so ada rasa masam masam. Nak add carrots pon also can. :D

*pictures are taken from Google. :)

I share recipes which I think are really simple and don't need too many ingredients to be prepared. Eh tapi, later when you are married don't cook like this. Your mother in law won't be impressed. What I share is literally masakan orang malas tapi have no money tapi still want to eat. 

Feeling so grown up sharing recipes here. kehkeh. Hope you like this post!

Thanks for reading!
Till I write again. Be good, do good! :)


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