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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Missing Maktab Part 1

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum peeps.

I'm in the mood for writing some random thoughts so here it is. Do you guys love your high school life? *putting four limbs up in the air* Whenever I am alone, I always find myself smiling at my school days memories. Those days were so fun and carefree (my friend Syah loves this word to describe our school life). I have met some people in my uni days and they hate their high school lives with passion. T___T I tried to understand though. 

I was in Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Kuala Terengganu for a good five years. I did many silly things with sillier friends. Life was so much simpler back then. The thing that will break your heart is: Your senior crush is in relationship with his batchmate (even worse if he likes someone in your batch but no, of course not you). What a life to live. Phewww. Anyway, lemme just tell you lucky people about my school.

I had three years of lower form in this old building. I remember my friend, Eja said she first thought our school is a factory because of its' plain looking buildings. lol. All the laboratories, staff room and computer labs are here. The classes are so old. Some classes have different door because their original doors are broken (read; kicked down or slammed by the students). The classes are small and cute looking. 

This one is after the building is painted. It looks way cooooooooler. Grey is the new black. *wear shades*

Now I am done with my school, whenever I see my school gate I feel so proud and so happy. Back then, I only feel hatred as seeing this gate means holiday has ended. lol.

Bulatan Taqwa. When I first register in 2008, the female seniors told us not to cross the circle as it is belonged to male students. lol. I often had breakfast here. Right under the roof in the picture. Nasi goreng with telur mata plus air teh o' peng. If you did not finish the teh o' peng then just bring it to rollcall. Your friends will help you to finish your drink in no time. IYKWIM

This is aaaa I don't know if this place has specific name. I call it fountain although it is not a fountain. Anyway, I only remember the fountain functioning when there's VIP visiting our school. Otherwise, it just stood there. hahah. There's mushrooms replica scattered around the fountain. my little brother broke one when he came visiting me. The yellow board far in the picture usually pasted with our results for every standardised exam or semester exam. Yeah your result is basically public. Privacy what?

This yellow board is meant for male students. If this board is a person, it would be adored like Neelofa or Mira Filzah or Jessica Alba. It is like a pit stop for every male student after he is done with surau activities. This board is pasted with pages from newspaper. The section on the far right is the most famous one. Guess what kind of news are pasted there? *drumroll...........* SPORT NEWS! I took down some pages from the board, twice. One is about Lee Chong Wei and the other one is about Demba Ba. lol.

This is the path of insaf and taqwa kehkeh. It leads to our school's surau. This path is for male students though. I remember seeing a boy from my batch being pushed into the bush by other boys while they are joking around. I had to hold my laugh because I don't have the heart to laugh in his face. He might forget but not me. *evil laugh* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I want to write more but lemme save some for another day. There are many more places to be talked about. DS, Kem Casuarina, dormitories (this one going to have long long long story), padang belakang and so many more. Ohhh not gonna forget about those pokok mempelam as well. There was one time my friends and I are busy picking the fruits and this one makcik stopped her car nearby and asked us what are we doing and commented on how delicious the fruits looked. In the end, we gave some fruit to her. hahaha. Makcik makcik.

There are many pokok mempelam in my school but the one with most delicious fruits is the one in front of Principal's house. The fruits are handful in size and they taste ten times better. The best thing happened at the tree is when my friend, Fitri tried to shoot some fruit with her sandal and yeah, the sandal caught in the branches. Instead of focusing on the fruits we ended up trying to get her sandal back. lol

I think I write long enough for now. I am afraid of losing my dear fat in my arm if I write too much. heheh. I will write more about my school so I can always come back to this entry and cherish the good times.

Till then, bye!
Be good, do good.

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