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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Of Books and Comics

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum peeps.

So, I'm back. I did not write for quite some times. I've been busy for the first time in my university life. OMG. Anyway, do you guys happened to read comics or books? I still remember those time when I was so crazy over Enid Blyton's and GempakStarz comics.

Lemme list some for you awesome people in case you guys can't remember.

1. Le Gardenie and any other GempakStarz Comics

 This one practically drove people crazy for the plot and the art so pretty Masya Allah OMG OMG. My cousins were so addicted with them. We met every Raya so I made sure I reminded them to bring GempakStarz comics for me.

2. Enid Blyton's 

I read the Malay translated type. I was so silly I never know that they were translated back then. heheh. I was so in love with all the books. I used up all duit raya to buy new titles. My birthday presents were also Blyton's books. 

3. Majalah Kreko

This one is so fun. Many comics/manga to read. The only one I remember is Yakitate Japan. I bought my first copy of Kreko unintentionally. I was so bored and there's nothing new to read. So I went to a nearby shop and bought Kreko. I ended up liking it but only for short period. 

4. Doraemon!!!

I remember how I used to save up RM 4.50 for a doraemon comics. They were so fun with so much lessons. Doraemon also has the special series which only has one story for a comic. Usually they travel to another world or planet. Such imagination, much wow!

5. Detective Conan

I was so crazy with Conan. When I was in Form 1, I start buying the one with colours. My first coloured edition was about a fire murder. Conan saved her fierce girlfriend, Ran who baked him burnt orange pie. Ohhh, I love Conan.

There are so much more. It's weird that there's so few of good books and comics around. I was raised by a mother who reads as well. My first grown up novel was Norhayati Berahim, Hati Seorang Wanita. Then I start to adore Ramlee Awang Murshid, Aisya Sofea, Anis Ayuni and Hlovate. It's sad how today's novels are all about kahwin paksa, lelaki kaya vs perempuan miskin or vice versa, kahwin kontrak and so what not.

It's not that the stories are bad but I think there's not much choices for readers. It's fun to read few of the same theme at first but then, it would be better if there is something different. I was not a fan for English novels but I have to turn to them for something different which I couldn't find in nowadays Malay novels.

Anyway, I am very grateful and extremely glad that my childhood was filled with these awesome books and comics. I think I will brag about them to my nieces, nephews and maybe my own children if I am to have some hahah.

Till then, bye.
Be good, do good.


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