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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Missing Maktab Part 2

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalamualaikum peopleeeeee.

It's the second week of my semester break and I just realised that I have way too much free times in my hands. It was not boring but I really appreciate if there's any job I can accomplish and heyyy, Allah listens to my prayers. heheh. I have written two essays for my cousin's assignment, getting a website done for my friend AND I even updated my blog. Fuh. Productive innit? *blows tudung

Anyway, I am not done with all the stories about my school life. I still have few pictures to be shared and lot of stories to be told. Since it is still morning when I am writing this lemme start with something green. Good for eyes they say. hahah. So, here we goooo.

If some strangers read my blog, they might end up saying I'm posting a random picture of trees. People, this random picture of trees is part of my school facilities. This one is Kem Casuarina. It was when I am in Form 2 that I know Casuarina is the scientific name for Pokok Ru. It's good that they name it that instead of Kem Ru.

We often have activities done at Kem Casuarina especially during Minggu Aktiviti. When I was in Form 1, I remember the Pertandingan Wau or something involving wau flying in the blue sky. It was so fun. I had car boot sales, making bubur asyura, slaughter practice and masakan rimba practices done here as well. Usually we sat with homeroom members. Some homerooms were lucky they got teacher who brought food and drinks (like my awesome Homeroom Saintifik 3). Some were not that lucky so they ended up roaming around the camp, searching for any kind homerooms for some food and drinks. HAHAHAHA it was fun teasing those people. 

I remember preparing bubur asyura with my fellow homeroom siblings. We had to decorate the bubur as well. One of us, Amalin is very good at decorating the food. We were 14 at that time and she sliced those chilies, agar agar like she's been working at food decoration for years! Even the makcik lab praised her. Wife material, I kid you not. Me? I praised myself for being able to finish two bowls of tasteless bubur asyura from random homeroom. It's not easy, people. 

Blok Akademik Baruuuuuuuu hoooyeahhhh. This is where the top of food chain the seniors have daily classes. The toilets are at the end of the block. During my last year of school, we have six classes. Each floor only has five class so one class for my batch is on another floor. Isolated kehkeh. I was very bad at AddMath and I had to go to the isolated class every morning for extra AddMath class. T___T. There was one time I was on my way to class after the special AddMath class with my friends and I fell into the drain in front of someone else's class. I managed to grab Piqah's arm anyway. hahaha. Literally clingy friend. #notgonnafallalone #ifiamgoingdownillbringyouwithme

Opposite our class building is one story building housing Bengkel KH and RC room. The roof of the building probably has more shoes than a woman does. It was not frequently done but if Cikgu Izaimi suddenly came to night prep, the boys with slippers will start playing hide and seek. lol. I remember watching slippers flying off to the roof. hahaha. What a sight! It's better than watching the hot air balloons flying in Cappadocia sky hahahaa.

I can't find any DS picture in my phone so a picture of Kak DS riding motorcycle nearby the DS is also can. The best days at DS were during bulan puasa. We buka puasa according how the BWP set it. Some years, it's with the class, some with homeroom. Buka Puasa Perdana was when you eat together, male and female students in homeroom. We had to come serving the food according to turns we chose. It was not until I am in the last year we had a clingy plastic wrapper to wrap the blue plastic tray. Before that we only use surat khabar lama to wrap the trays.

Our DS is not grand but we have nasi kerabu. Heh, cool amirite? The best lauk for me is on Tuesdays. Ayam Masak Merah, finger licking good, yummehhh. Some days, when Kak DS are in good mood they will give you part of chicken you asked for. Like if you asked for kepak you got kepak. If they're bad mood, they will be like OH YOU WANT KEPAK? NOW TAKE THIS KEPAK AND FLY AWAY FROM MY SIGHT! *slammed dada ayam on your plate. Uh-oh. #runforrestrun. Anyway, I remember 'kidnapping' two bottles of soy sauce for our mempelammmm! I don't know if it was wrong but we need kicap to eat with mempelam. So, had to do it anyway.

The field in the picture is our school field. Hari Sukan and rugby practices or match often done there. I wonder why we were so happy watching the seniors playing rugby but when it came to our own batch playing rugby it wasn't that exciting. Hahahah. Outside the school was gerai air jambu batu. I remember walking up to the fence with my friends and shouting to the hawker asking for air jambu batu. We bough 5 air jambu batu and walked across the field only to be stopped by Cikgu Izaimi. He scolded us for buying food outside the school and gave us choices; to give the air jambu batu to him or to read the school rules at rollcall the next day. 

Mannn that was not much of tough choices at all. Hahaha. Who will surrender air jambu batu? No way. So reading the school rules at rollcall it was. Anyway, Allah must love us so much. Cikgu Izaimi didn't come the next day for rollcall so we didn't have to do it. We were saved! Hip Hip Hurray!

The foyer! We usually had the Sem Type 3 here. All those board and tables and creative inventions. I don't have any picture of Dewan Ibnu Sina. The old dewan was the one with rusty iron gates and no air-conditioning. Now they got rid of the rsuty iron gates, replaced them with tempered glass and installed air-cond some more! Assembly must be comfortable to sleep at now. Fuhh lucky young children! The dewan is used for many events; Hari Ko-op (got free foods, lucky draw and also kematu on your butts for sitting so long), assembly, graduation (my favourite event by far!), orientation and most of the activities that involving lot of people. 

I think I wrote long enough for now. I would like to write a single entry for dorm since I had exceptionally good times there! Heheheh. Writing down the memories make me feel like going back to school and experience these all over again. :')

Thank for reading!
Be good, do good.

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